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Winnie The Pooh Quilt


At the request of younger son (he’s only 44 bless him) This WHIP is well on it’s way.  I first tried to take illustrations from the original books, but for various reasons that was unsuccessful, so I then went to the web and pulled off some kids’ colouring pages, which have worked well for redwork panels I think, although I had to enlarge some.  It’s now reached the stage of being backed; because it will be used as a lap quilt rather than on a bed, I’ve cheated somewhat and used fleece for the backing and now it’s ready for some free motion quilting………

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The Surgical Quilt



The Surgical Quilt

The Surgical Quilt

The name of this quilt is a result of far too much interaction with far too many surgeons over the last 3 years, and a tribute to their fantastic treatments. It goes as follows;


1 Notice a problem –  in this case an overflowing sewing room

2 Diagnosis – a growing lump of offcuts from various projects

3 Decide on a solution

3 Plan a course of action

4 Cut

5 Shape

6 Position

7 Sew

8 Pad

9 Bind

10 Contemplate a serviceable end result


I’m so pleased with myself, I’m planning two more, one will be a bookcase quilt, the other another hexie quilt.

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test quilting post


this is a test quilting post

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