Chris Wilmers


Welcome to Chris Wilmers’ website.  I’m very new to this so don’t expect miracles!  The main idea behind the blog is to drag myself into the 21st century, and hopefully share a few hard won scraps of useful information, though I’m sure there are more competent and knowledgeable bloggers who have gone before me – so can this be a two ways street please?.


I’m a lady of a certain age who has been sewing since I was about 11, but have only just got back into it and am a bit surprised at how much I’ve forgotten, so part of the journey will be sharing forgotten gems and asking for help along the way.  For example I have leapt into the making of a jacket and have come to a grinding halt because I forgot I’d need a pressing ham to press the inset sleeves, so my first sewing blog will be about how I made a pressing ham (and exactly what went wrong, I expect!).

I have been knitting for about the same length of time and to be honest this is more of an obsession than a pastime – a day without something on the needles is a day of fretting and stress.  As my immediate family have begged me not to knit anything else for them, I knit for our local hospital shop, for their preemie ward and any friend, or even vague acquaintance I can coerce into having something made.

The newest thing on my agenda is quilting – take my advice, unless you have a stash of fabric or a yen to spend enormous amounts of money on lovely fabrics, steer well clear.  However I salve my conscience by donating quilts to our local ‘Quilts For Comfort’ group who in turn donate them to the childrens’ cancer wards at the RVI and Freemans Hospitals in Newcastle.  Next stop, bag making

For a very long time I’ve been irritated by all those ‘easy’ and/or ‘cheap’ recipes we’ve all watched on the box, so will be posting some of my own concoctions; I’ll try to always give a costing but it won’t always be possible as so many of our meals are scratch ones from what’s in the fridge and store cupboard.  Fair warning though anybody with a food processor, mini chopper or liquidiser in the back of the cupboard will need to get it out and dust it of, as we go in for a lot of soups.